Are you looking for a dose of luxury? Then you should definitely consider Dubai as your next travel destination. The futuristic urban landscape with huge skyscrapers and gigantic shopping malls that leave nothing to be desired is unique in the world. Here you can enjoy a really relaxing holiday, be it a lavish brunch or relaxing by the dreamlike hotel pool. If you look behind the luxurious facade of the city, you also open up a completely different world full of history and culture, which is just waiting to be discovered by you.

Take a trip to the old town, discover Dubai like the locals and watch the hustle and bustle on the famous gold souk, where gold traders and tourists browse for very special souvenirs and unique jewelry. A trip to the desert is of course part of a trip to Dubai. Explore the giant sand dunes in a jeep or experience a unique, magical night under the starry sky just outside the city.

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