In our pursuit to relentlessly fix stuff around the world and make them better, we designers often forget to look at the very tools we use to create, repair, and redesign our lives. The adjustable spanner/wrench, a pretty standard part of every toolkit, was designed by a certain Swedish man called Johan Petter Johansson. The patent for his design (which looks exactly like the adjustable wrench we see today) dates back to 1892, and hasn’t seen much change in years. In fact, just 30 years later, it was redesigned by Edwin J. Evans, but the new format never caught on.

The MetMo Grip builds on Edwin J. Evans’ redesign, which now exists in the public domain. There’s something extremely simple and sophisticated about the MetMo Grip’s schematic. The wrench’s jaw is operated using a single metal piece that slides up and down a threaded column with varying pitches. Long-story-short, move the metal piece up and down and the jaws of the wrench open and close. The entire tool comes fabricated from stainless steel, with incredibly low tolerances that result in a smooth movement of parts. The wrench’s innovative mechanism makes it much easier to open and close as compared to the conventional adjustable wrench you’ve got in your toolkit, while ensuring that once opened, the jaws of the wrench are incredibly secure, allowing you to tighten or loosen screws with ease.

That, however, isn’t all that the MetMo Grip has to offer. Its robust design even integrates a box-cutter and bottle-opener into it. Its small, effective design makes it the perfect upgrade for every toolkit, allowing it to be used in workshops, repair centers, garages, and if you plan on carrying the MetMo Grip outdoors, an integrated belt hook loop allows you to secure this innovative EDC tool around your waist.

What’s really remarkable about the MetMo Grip’s design is the fact that its schematic existed over 90 years ago, but never really reached its full potential. With over a 1000 backers since the project’s launch, the MetMo Grip hopes to fix that discrepancy, and give the world a wrench that’s efficient, delightful to use, and is so buttery smooth, it could even serve as a fidget-toy!

Designers: Sean Sykes & James Whitfield

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