From Japan comes this simple and useful style of modular storage furniture, collectively called Stack Box.

It consists of three types of units: Drawers, open shelves and angled cubbies in two different widths. The units cost ¥1,780 (USD $16.86) individually, or ¥5,280 (USD $50) for three.

The angled cubbies have lids on them that can be retracted into the “ceiling” of the cubby, in the manner of a garage door.

Brass dowels can be placed in holes atop the pieces, which then correspond with holes in the bottom of the piece you’d like to stack on top. In Japan, which is constantly beset with mostly minor seismic events, this is enough to keep the pieces from “wandering.”

The narrow style of cubby might not make much sense in the ‘States, but is perfect for space-tight Japanese homes.

The lids on the cubbies can be drawn shut for aesthetics, or to keep out dust.

Another reason these might not catch on ‘Stateside is that they’re relatively low to the ground. While it seems strange to us Americans, this makes perfect sense for Japan, where you’re as likely to sit on the floor as on a piece of furniture.

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