A small team at Merceds-Benz has created the all-electric EQC 4×4² off-road concept—a drivable technology platform on the basis of an EQC 400 4MATIC (combined power consumption: 21.3-20.2 kWh/100 km). Technical highlights include multi-link portal axles as well as the production of a powerful sound in the interior and exterior. The headlamps turn into “lampspeakers”, because they also function as a loudspeaker at the same time.

At 293 millimeters (11.54 inches), the EQC 4×4² rides more than twice as high as a production EQC (140 millimeters). Even a G-Class rides 58 millimetres (2.28 inches) lower. The fording depth is increased by 15 centimeters, to 40 centimeters.

The tremendous ground clearance is made possible by the conversion to portal axles: unlike conventional axles, the wheels are not at the height of the axle centre, but are instead situated much lower down on the axle hubs owing to the portal gears. Or conversely, the entire vehicle moves up. The 4×4² suspension is attached to the same body mounting points as the standard suspension.

Just as impressive are the approach and departure angles: 31.8 degrees at the front and 33 degrees at the rear. By way of comparison, a conventional G-Class has an approach and departure angle of 28 degrees. The reprogrammed Off-Road drive programs take advantage of the high-performance logic of the current GLC models.

For example, using targeted brake interventions, this enables an improved torque curve when starting on loose ground. In combination with the tires in size 285/50 R 20, this results in an impressive sure-footedness in terrain. The striking visual appearance is rounded off by the matt metallic gun-metal grey car film and the black wheel arch flares.

Key off-road data:

    EQC 4×4² (study) EQC 400 4MATIC (standard)
Approach angle Degrees 31.8 20.6
Departure angle Degrees 33.0 20.0
Breakover angle Degrees 24.2 11.6
Ground clearance mm 293 140
Fording depth mm 400 250
  • The EQC 4×4² is around 20 cm higher than the standard version.

  • The wheel arch flares measure about 10 cm.

  • Despite 20-inch wheels, the turning circle is small thanks to the modern axle kinematics with four-link front axle.

  • Ground clearance and fording depth are increased by 15 centimeters compared to the standard EQC.

The EQC 4×4² is already the third model of the 4×4² family from Mercedes-Benz. The G 500 4×4² was actually built in series production from September 2015. And in 2017, with the E 400 All-Terrain 4×4² study, Mercedes-Benz showed many an SUV its limitations when off-road.

Photo Credit:

Norbert Aepli, Switzerland, 2017-03-07 Geneva Motor Show 1111, CC BY 4.0
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