Did you know spending too much time on your phone isn’t just bad for your eyes, but it also leaves a lasting environmental footprint and contributes toward climate change? Electricity generation adds to the greenhouse gases clogging Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn, trap heat, causing climate change. With additional deforestation (getting rid of the carbon sinks that trap and store CO2), that means everything we do is making the problems worse.

In fact, nearly every dollar you spend has ecological consequences. Not only the electricity used to produce a product and the fossil fuels used to transport it, the fresh water needed to make it, the facility where it was made, and other factors contribute to its ecological cost. In order to stop global warming, we must all do our part to understand the ecological debt we generate, and then look for ways to pay back our environmental bill.

Whether you’re using your brand new iPhone or buying a pair of shoes, we urge you to educate yourself on the environmental impact your lifestyle can have on our planet. The first step in making sound choices is understanding which decisions in your everyday life create emissions and where you can eliminate some of those greenhouse gases.

See how your daily choices effect climate change and calculate your carbon footprint here.

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