About me

Hello dear reader,

my name is Detlef Stein and i have been writing internet history for over 20 years! In addition to some company websites that I have been managing for many years, I have also launched my own projects. In my first private project “Gesund leben und leben lassen” I write about environmental issues, a healthy lifestyle and animal welfare!

Among other things, I would like to dedicate my new project to people who think innovatively and future-oriented! During my long career as an entrepreneur, I have carried out various product developments. I have worked in the camping and leisure industry for 21 years and have launched and produced numerous innovations!

At that time it was much more difficult to successfully market your own products! In the course of the development of the Internet, it gradually became easier to present the developed products to interested parties! My goal today is to make a small contribution to making information and knowledge, by clever minds, accessible to other people worldwide!

In addition, I will write about important topics such as; Environmental and nature protection, health, travel, business, politics, art and culture!

If you also have something to tell, an innovation or the ideology of your company to share with people all over the world, then write me how I can stage you!

Yours Detlef Stein

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